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Privacy Policy

As customers of Rogers ink, I may hold some information about you (your name, email address, and in come cases, your postal address and telephone number). This is a short note setting out everything you could ever wish to know about how I collect, use and      store this information. But if you still have any pressing questions after reading this,     please contact me.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When I talk about "information", I am only referring to your contact details. I never have access to your financial information when you make payments using WorldPay (for payments by phone) or bank transfer. All sensitive financial information is held securely by the processing companies, and they never share this with me, or      anyone else.

How I collect information

Whenever you order cards, prints or commission pieces from me you give me sufficient information about you to enable me to process the order.

The website provider I use, Google, has cookies enabled for this site to make sure your computer (or other device) is recognised when you visit here again. You can find out.    more about cookies in general here  https://policies.google.com/technologies/cookies.  Sadly they are not the edible kind.

 Who has access to your information

In a nutshell, just me, Carolyn Hird-Rogers designer and maker at Rogers Ink, I am the  only one who ever has access to your information, and I never, ever, ever pass this on       to anyone else. 

How I use your information

I occasionally send out a new catalogue and price list or invitation to an exhibition      opening to those customers who have  ordered from me in the past 6 years for their.     shops or galleries. This is the sort of thing you can expect to receive:

  • dates for your diary involving Carolyn Hird-Rogers and Rogers Ink.
  • information about new products and designs

If you have ordered from me either at a trade show or via email, you can expect to hear from me using the contact information you've provided.   

In the highly unlikely event that I stop designing for print and do something completely different, I will let you know so you can decide if you still want to receive any details from me.

How I store information

I keep an electronic spreadsheet of all customers. This is held on my                      password-protected computer.

I keep a paper record of your orders, locked in a filing cabinet in my studio.

I keep these records solely for accounting and tax purposes (I need to keep all sales records for at least 6 years). 

Your rights

You can ask me at any time what information I hold about you, and I will give you full   details free of charge. You also have the right to ask that your details be deleted,     amended or transferred. If you ever change your mind about what information, if any,      you want me to hold on your behalf, just contact me. 

Last updated: 24th May 2018